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So, WTF is a JumpSet?

So, WTF is a JumpSet?

A JumpSet is simply this: getting the streamlined look of a jumpsuit + matching set with the added bonus of going to the washroom freely!

That's it.

But if you wanna know a bit about how it came to be, keep reading.

Story of the JumpSet

This idea didn't come easily. In fact, the evolution from my jumpsuit obsession to this versatile two-piecer has a bit of a story.

I had a thing for jumpsuits ever since Jennifer Lopez wore her 70's inspired low-cut denim jumpsuit during her J.Lo era (like 20 years ago...). Got a bunch of my friends to chip in to buy me a knock-off version from a teen diffusion line. I *loved* it so much, but it was way too tight in the crotch. I kept it for many years, even though I never wore it much.

So when jumpsuits made a real comeback years ago, I was all in. But for some reason when it came to designing a jumpsuit for my brand, I never landed on anything. Part of it had to do with my own poor experience, but more so it came from conducting consumer interviews and hearing so many women's issues of

  • torso length (just like me)
  • getting half naked to go to the washroom
  • having the top drag on dirty floors

But like me, everyone seemed to love the one-and-done nature of the jumpsuit!

I researched heavily into all the different ways I could get around the washroom-going part, including adding snaps in the inseam like baby clothes, or putting zippers in so you unzip the bum like a diaper...

No matter what, it always seemed too gimmicky and overly complicated.

It wasn't until I bought a cute matching romper set that something clicked in my mind: I could just cut the jumpsuit in two!

How's it Different from a Matching Set?

However, the design is the slightest bit different from other matching sets. The bodice is kept pretty tailored with a little extra width for summer breezes, and the cropped tank covers a couple of inches of the pants' waistband to create a look with no 'line breaks'.

We hope you love the Unstoppable JumpSet, the first of many coordinated sets we'll release.

Modern Comfort, Classic Design


Unstoppable JumpSet | Black

3 colours

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