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How It Started

You could say it was the pandemic, or when she interned in New York City, but the first time that Shortlisted founder Miranda Sam felt that something was off was when she was a teenager and discovered 3/4 length sleeve made her feel 'normal'.

How It's Going

It's been years in the making - doing real petite measurements research, learning technical fashion design from the ground up, having two babies through the process! Now we're proud to present you with the launch collection featuring the Unstoppable JumpSet. It's a jumpsuit meets matching sets kinda deal. It's thoughtfully designed to incorporate all your petite proportions, allow you go to to the washroom freely, accounts for different torso lengths, and allows you styling versatility in one package. We hope you love + wear it often.

Our Design Philosophy

We design with the end in mind, with the overarching question being, "Does this make your life easier?"

  • Is this a trend that will be passed over soon?
  • Will you be able to run errands in it?
  • Is it commuter or travel-friendly?
  • Can you go to the washroom freely?
  • Will the style last in your closet for 10 years?
  • Does this solve a real problem (ie. long hem)?
  • Does it have just enough interesting details?
  • Does it require a special bra?
  • Can you easily mix-and-match w/your existing wardrobe?

Our Take on Sustainability

We're a huge proponent of sustainable fashion (Miranda even has an advanced certificate in Sustainable Business!) but we realize everyone defines it their own way.

You know how the 3 Rs to minimize waste start with Reduce? Studies have shown that creating new garments has the biggest environmental impact - and recycled fabrics require even more infrastructure and energy. The resell model also requires a lot of resources (like shipping, packaging, spending your time selling).

It's our goal to help you reduce the number of items you add to and purge from your closet each season, while increasing each garment's worn frequency. This makes each purchase more "worth it" which means long-term 'financial sustainability' for your wallet.

We also understand your most important resource is your TIME. Save yourself some precious minutes + mental calories without having to think about "What to wear today?" when you put our matching sets. You'll have so much more to give to your higher life purposes.

Our Fabrics

Fabrics must pass a rigorous test before we land on ones that are low-maintenance enough that suit your already eventful life:

  • No see-through (or show VPL)
  • Not (pure) white
  • Must pass the scrunch test
  • As natural as possible
  • No dry cleaning
  • Easy to iron (ie. no hard creases)
  • Versatile + timeless colours

Our Products

Check out how our Design Philosophy and Fabric choices manifest in physical products:


Unstoppable JumpSet | Black

3 colours

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