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Welcome to Shortlisted, where Short is Celebrated

Welcome to Shortlisted, where Short is Celebrated

I don't know about you, but growing up short was something you didn't talk about. Like a dirty lil secret that everyone could see just by glancing at you.

Being short usually means...

 x We have a tendency to get overlooked, literally

 x Petite styling hacks teach us to look taller, but being short isn't a flaw to be "corrected"

 x In fashion industry lingo, petite means short, not skinny! (I know, confusing)

 x Shortness is conflated with not (good) enough: shortsighted, short temper, fall short of

We don't believe in any of that, so we're here to show short women of all sizes that it's time we celebrated and elevated who we are. 

When you're part of the Shortlisted world, you can expect your needs as first and foremost a woman - and a short woman at that - to be taken care of.

Our design philosophy aims to solve 3 problems:

  1. FIT : proportionate to short bodies in every measurement, not just inseam
  2. FUNCTION : we design for functionality, not for fantasy
  3. VERSATILITY : there's no point in buying a new item if it can't work with your existing wardrobe or lifestyle, or that it can't adapt to the many situations you find yourself in on a day-to-day basis

We hope by addressing these three issues, at the end of the day we help you reduce your mental load, user fewer calories to make wardrobe decisions, and take that 'saved' time and energy to focus your attention on your true love - whether that's family, career, friends, or partner.

We see how powerful you are as a short woman, and what kind of positive impact you can have on the world. You sure as hell don't need any brand to 'empower' you.

So, why does Shortlisted exist?

We're just here to provide clothing solutions that fit, flatter, and adapt to your body fluctuations so you feel as strong and powerful as you know you could be. When you feel it, only then can you begin to act like it.

For starters, check out our first collection, called the Unstoppable JumpSet. We hope you see how much functionality and versatility we packed into this matching jumpsuit set.

Short but mighty, right?

Modern Comfort, Classic Design


Unstoppable JumpSet | Black

3 colours

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $300 away from free shipping.
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